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Re: Zines 4-sale Gen for a dollar! each Sold!

I am happy to report that all the Gen Zines have sold!
I want to thank the fabulous fans!!


I have some Gen and Slash Zines for sale.

This listing is for Gen will post a separate list for the Slash stuff.
All are originals. Most acquired at Media West Con in the mid 90s.
As I am getting older and don't want these to end up in a landfill am pricing
them to move. If you want more info on
something that interest you I will provide what is available inside the zine. Without further adieu here is the list. First come first served.
Some of these maybe available on line if so I will remove from the list.

The St Crispin Day Society CW Walker.

Can you get Channel D in a Yellow Submarine
Can you get channel D on a Satellite Dish
Can you get Channel D In Heaven
Can you get Channel D On Cable
Can you get channel D In the back of a 57 Chevy

Against the Wind vol 1 both state vol SPOKEN FOR
The Pladins Affair 1 & 2

Kuryakin Affair 2 thru 18

Eyes Only Gen ADULT Zine will not be knowing sold to minors 1 thru 4 and 6 # 6 SPOKEN FOR

Del Floria Press issue 1 (back cover missing) issue 3 & 7

Relative Encounters 2 & 3

My kingdom for an UNCLE 1 2 6 have 2 copies of issue 4

File 40 press An UNCLE Alliance SPOKEN FOR

UNCLE Chronicles 1 Patricia Foley SPOKEN FOR

11 & 2 issues 1 & 3 & 6

Karmic Concurrence

The Future Tense Affair UNCLE / Star Trek universe DW Chong

Other Times Other Affairs Cover Art showing Illya as a Merman Paula Smith

Blood Agent Paula Smith Uncle and vampires

Lyons Tigers & Zines oh my! Peg Kennedy SPOKEN FOR

Haunted Nights vol 8 LRH Balzer

Reemergence the mia affair uncle/x-files zines lRH Balzer

There are a few more but I will type that list another day.

As you can tell from the price I am motivated to sell. Purchaser will be responsible for
postage and handling. Sending via US mail. So please no international request. I have a paypal account. So if you are interested in anything please let me know at

Again these are originals and all in good or very good shape.
Tags: zines for sale

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