The other Linda (reapermum) wrote in mfu_canteen,
The other Linda

A message from entropy_house

Put your AO3 (or other fanfic archive username) in the place of 'Anonehouse' and see if they've got your works, too.

They have 20 of mine, and I'm plowing through making up a DMCA claim to have them removed.

I wouldn't mind so much if it was free, and fandom, but it's not. It's a wide ranging assortment of probably bot-scraped works, and while the site SAYS it's free, when you click to download that takes you to another site, which required registration, which requires your credit card number.

Obviously, I didn't do that, so I don't know if the copies of my fic even include links back to the original.

(Also, I sent an abuse complaint to AO3, asking if there was anyway they could change their coding to prevent unauthorized bot-scraping. Worth asking, anyhow.)

The above post came up on my friends page from entropy_house She is not a happy bunny about it and gave permission to boost the signal over here.

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