jantojones (jantojones) wrote in mfu_canteen,

St. George's Day

It is St. George's Day today, here in England. As an atheist, I don't celebrate the day anyway, but it really saddens me to see certain members of my country use it as a symbol of hate and jingoism. I often get accused of being unpatriotic when I say things like that, but I was brought up as a citizen of Earth. Yes, I am proud of being English. This tiny little country has contributed a huge amount to this planet. Admittedly, it has done quite a lot of bad things too, but then name me a country which hasn't. I hate that the nation's flag has been usurped by the small-minded, insular morons, but luckily, those of us with half a brain still out-number them.

Now, I'm not naïve, so I know we have major problems with immigration. However, I also know that not every immigrant is illegal. Some are students, others are people who have come to work (and will pay their taxes), and some are genuine asylum seekers, afraid for their lives.

England has been a multicultural country for centuries. This is hardly surprising, given that we are an small island nation that used to get invaded every five minutes.

Returning to St. George, the dragon slayer. You'd be amazed how much grief you get if you point out this little piece of fact :-



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