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It's here at last! - May! - the month of Eurovision!

It's just two weeks to the first semi-final and we'll (hopefully) be having a Eurovision watch here on LJ.
So I'm here to stoke the anticipation, and pimp the competition to those who haven't seen it before and are wondering whether to give it a try.

But first - just look at the pretty stage!

When is Eurovision and how can I watch it?

Each show starts at 21:00 CET

  • that's  20:00 London

  • 22:00 Eastern Europe/Athens/Helsinki

  • 23:00 Moscow

  • 24:00 Baku/Tbilisi

  • 15:00 Eastern - 14:00 Central - 12:00 Pacific

  • 05:00 (next morning) Sydney/Canberra

For participating countries, check your local TV channels.
For those not in participating countries there will be free live streaming here http://www.eurovision.tv
The site also contains lots of info on the acts and the competition itself.

How does the semi-final thing work?

  • each country has already picked their song, usually through some sort of selection competition

  • due to the number of countries, it would make the show far too long if they all performed on the same night, so the competition is split into two semi-finals and a grand final

  • the "big 5" of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK, plus the host country (Austria) and special guest (Australia) are automatically through to the final

  • the rest are split into two semi-finals, and the top ten from each semi-final goes through to the final

So let's whet our appetite with some of the entries for the first semi-final on Tuesday 19th May:

First up, Eduard Romanyuta with the Moldovan entry I Want Your Love
Although, quite honestly, he doesn't look old enough to know what to do with it if he gets it.

Next, the Armenian entry. This is a band called Genealogy with their song Face The Shadow
Interesting video, but I'm not sure what to make of the song. What do you think?

This year Finalnd's entry is punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät with their song Aina Mun Pitää.
The band members all have learning disabilities. Punk might not be to everyone's taste, but kudos to them for getting out there and doing their thing.

The entry for The Netherlands is Trijntje Oosterhuis who also wrote her song Walk Along.
Trijntje is clearly assessing the guy in the video for his potential to accomplish household tasks with his shirt off. Those are good ironing biceps.

Last but by no means least, the Romanian entry from Voltaj called De La Capat (All Over Again).
They are clearly going for the cute-yet-melancholy-small-child formula. Always a good bet.

watch more of the entries here http://www.eurovision.tv/page/vienna-2015/about/all-participants

Have you listened to the songs? What do you think of them so far? Do you have a favourite?
Will you be joining us for the Eurovision watch?

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