February 21st, 2013

sideways cat

In a heartbeat

Is it work? Or maybe it's the weather or traffic or the fact that you tripped coming home. What has the biggest influence over your mood? Is it easier to go from a good mood to bad or bad to good for you?
  • jkkitty

A Drabble a Day Discussions of life--Rules of Medical 2:4

You want what, Mr Kuryakin?” the doctor asked confused.

“A lollipop before you look at my leg.”


“Napoleon said if I came to medical I would get a lollipop.”

Mr. Solo?”

“He wouldn’t come so I tried bribing him.”

Didn’t you think to order him?”

“You want to try?”

Sighing the doctor left returning with a roll of life savers.

Will this do? I have no lollipops.”

I suppose,” Grinning Illya showed him the leg after taking the candy.

Mr. Solo, you're next.”

“He promised me candy too,” Napoleon said.

“Section Two!” the doctor said leaving the room again.