March 8th, 2013

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Hey, Spike's Girl!

Costa Rica is a small country, with lots of problems in many fields. One of the most popular is the condition of our roads. Last year, a little hole began to grow in one of the main highways and overnight, it became huge. Knowing our authorities' competence in anything, Costa Ricans reacted the only way they know. They made a lot of jokes. As a result, this page appeared everywhere, including the main newspaper. The question was: What came out of that hole? Some of the answers are under a local context or need translation, but I think most of them are quite clear. By the way, we have a female president, they enjoy making jokes about her... And, my country is very political incorrect, so I do not take responsibility for any misunderstanding. Enjoy a little Costa Rican sense of humor.
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As many of us have guessed, the chief cook and bottlewasher of this canteen has been having a very bad week. This is not the way our fannish universe is intended to work, so we hereby declare today as "Friday is Spikesday!"

Bet it won't take long to fill the Canteen with good wishes, virtual gifts, pictures of pretty boys doing naughty (or nice) things, silly hats, stories, poetry and all sorts of wonderful treats to let Charlie know she is loved, admired and respected.

Charlie gives so much to this community but right now, maybe she needs to receive more than she gives (that might be hard to do), but let's give it a try. Our fandom is so much richer because of her.

We love you, Charlie
Oh yes we do!
We love you, Charlie
And wish the best for you!
When you're not near us
We're blue
Oh, Charlie, we love you!

(to the tune of 'We Love You, Conrad' from Bye Bye Birdie)
Squee Illya

Friday - finally. Will someone tell the cats that?

First, I would be remiss if I didn't say a huge Thank You to everyone for the kindness and generosity of spirit.  You don't know how many times I've smiled this morning already.  I will be thanking each of you personally, but I don't think you can say thank you to your friends.

Second, a question:  Last week a woman collapsed at a retirement facility and then later died because it was the policy of the management not to administer CPR.  The 911 operator pleaded with the nurse to start CPR and she refused.  The woman's daughter said her mother would not have wanted to receive CPR.  What would you have done in this situation?  As a bystander, would you have been willing to administer CPR (we have a Good Samaritan law which protects you in case of injury)?  It's an interested conundrum and I thought it would be a good one to toss out here.

Finally, to everyone who played yesterday -

GNU Webster's 1913

  1. n. A cotquean; a man who intermeddles with women's concerns.

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How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

1. I would rather talk with you than be at the Pacific Ocean.
2. I would stop making love with David McCallum to take your call...I might be a little distracted, but I'd talk
3. I would give you my last piece of chocolate (oh, that's right, you can't eat chocolate, oh well, can't have it going to waste...munch)
4. I might even consider learning to drink that cat pee wine you like, just because you like it.
5. I would walk across asphalt in my barefeet at high noon in 98 degree weather on a sunny August day to get you an ice cream. (of course, I'd be bitching about you under my breath the whole time, but I'd do it)
6. I would give you every single item of David memorabilia that I own (oh, did I mention I have roaches, and scabies, and lice, and bedbugs?)
7. I would stalk David for the rest of my life, just to get an autograph for you....every day,...for the rest of my life...watching where he goes....and what he does.....for you, of course.
8. I would give you an enema if you were constipated....and I'd even warm the water, too.  Have I mentioned I haven't done that in 25 years?
9. I would give you both of my ovaries if you'd like to start having periods again.
10.  And, I will never, ever, stop thanking God for putting you in my life.


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Charlie the Magnficent

Hi Charlie,

While it's true that I am taking a wee break from the fandom as a whole, and from LJ, I could never take a break from being your friend. You've been a source of inspiration and strength for all of us, me included. Were it not for you, I honestly don't think I would have ever written or finished 1/2 of my MFU fanfic.

So, with lots of love, I say "Thank you" and "I soooooo appreciate you" - and everything you've done for all of us. Our lives would be so much poorer without you.

stitch hugging paper

Consider this a hug from me to you!!!


For Charlie

Charlie, you've given me many a smile.
I hope this will make you smile, too.

Love beads

A Remedy for Melancholy

Music.  I will sing to you. I promise to sing off-key, and forget the lyrics. I will sing loudly and sincerely.

Eggs.  I will cook soft scrambled eggs for you, with warm buttered toast. I will serve them on a blue plate that’s been heated in the oven.

Laughter. I will tell you knock-knock jokes and ask you how many psychiatrists it takes to change a light bulb.

Art.  I will sit on the wooden bench in front of the Picasso with you and whisper twenty seven words for the color blue.

Necklace.  I will string colored beads, love beads, onto a string for you.  Each bead is me, thinking of you.

Chocolate chip cookies.  I will bake cookies for you, with more chocolate chips than the recipe calls for. They will be lumpy and brown, crispy around the edges and soft and warm in the middle. The melty chocolate will drip on your chin. Wear something brown.

Hilltop.  I will sit with you on a hilltop at dawn to watch the sun rise. We will return at dusk, turn around the other way, and watch it set. 

Orange.  I will discuss poetry with you.  We will explore the possibility of rhyming orange and door-hinge.

Lilacs.  I will gather armfuls of pink and violet blooms, and bunch them in an oversized 19th century vase that’s glazed with salt and colored green.  We will gulp in deep breaths, filling ourselves with lilac air.

You.  I will think of you, and write to you, and be your friend.

Love beads heart

Love, Annie 

We Love You Charlie

I want to say thank you for your friendship and your generosity, your talent and your humor. I don't know how to do those lovely photo things people post or even how to make those icons but I do know how to be a friend, so you can count on me to be loyal. I hope this note brings a smile to your face, and warms your heart, and you know you are loved.
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Body Guard Chapter 10 (double one)

Robert stopped his sniffles and wiped his nose on his shirt.   Once more the brave child, because was just what he was, a scared child.

“I was so scared and you two wouldn’t wake up. Then those guys stopped their cars and I knew I needed to get you out of the car. And you two were so heavy but I knew you needed to hide. Then they threw that match at the car.”

“You did the right thing.”

“But what if I didn’t get you out in time?”

“Robert, how you managed I am no sure, but appreciate it.”


"You were easy Illya, but Napoleon needs to lose weight," Robert told him.

"Hey, I heard that," Napoleon had just regain consciousness.

Robert looked concerned that the agent was angry.

"It’s okay, Illya says that all the time. We need to get away now," Napoleon said.

"They left in their car saying we're dead," Robert told him.

"Let's not disappoint them," Napoleon pulled out his communicator arranging for a helicopter pick-up.


After the boy was safely delivered to headquarters, Waverly informed them they were relieved of their charge; however, they asked to be able safeguard the boy until he testified.

the muse

Happy Spike's Day!!

Just wanted to pop in here and say that you are a wonderful person and friend and that I love you dearly.  There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not thankful that you're in my life and I just want you to know how special you are to me. *hugs*

...the boys wanted to tell you how they feel in person.... ;)


The Spikes Day Affair


"We seem to have a problem gentlemen." Waverly said.

"Oh, THRUSH again?" Napoleon enquired.

"No, worse than that, if that was at all possible. Spikesgirl has had a very bad week and needs a cheering up," the Old Man Replied.

"That is bad news, I know she has given many people pleasure with her stories about us," Illya added.

"What can we do to cheer her up?" Solo thought for a minute, "normally I cheer my ladies up with a little dinner and dancing."

"Yes, but that is not quite possible is it Napoleon?"

"Hmm, I suppose you're right. Send her flowers?"

"Napoleon, you really need to think this through," Kuryakin sighed as he rolled his eyes.

"Gentlemen, I think I may have something that might work. I have had research looking for something suitable and they have found a video on something called 'Youtube' whatever that is."

"Shall go and collect the tape sir?" Illya enquired.

"Yes, as quickly as you can please Mr. Kuryakin."

Here's the tape:


Hey, Spike! The boys hope they're not too late, but they were unavoidably detained...

yukon 39
"Hey, Napoleon, I heard Spikesgirl is feeling down." "Whu? Why, we can't have that, now, can we, Illya? We need to get out of here and pay her a little visit."

yukon 152
"Which way, Illya?" "I shall ask directions from this kind young lady."

yukon 36
"Uh, partner, are you sure that 'kind young lady' gave us the right directions?" "I believe so, Napoleon. There is decidedly less ice floating in the water than there was the last time we surfaced. We must be heading toward California."

"Okay, so I admit it should be faster to take the train, Napoleon. But couldn't we just have bought tickets instead of doing this the hard way?" "It may be tough going, Illya, but Spike's worth it!"

"Well, partner mine, I think we're finally here. I see Spikesgirl, but she doesn't look too down right now. She seems to be surrounded by lots of other friends. You can feel the love from here!" "Perhaps they also heard she was in need, and dropped by to lend their support as well."

"We hope you don't mind our being a bit late, dear Spike. There were a few minor inconveniences on the way. But we would not have missed, for all the world, this chance to say: YOU'RE THE BEST FIRST COUSIN AN UNCLE AGENT EVER HAD!"