March 17th, 2013

Carpe Diem

Carpe the snot out of the diem

So, what is your 'perfect' Sunday?  Is it one that is filled to the brim with family and friends, going to church, visiting, and just being super busy playing?  Or is it a day that's quiet and restful?  Or is it something inbetween?

What say you, cousins?


Hope you have a grand birthday!  Enjoy !                                                                                                     
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Dear Gymnites ..... a proposal

I am in need of motivation.

Due to work and family and study and a hundred other things I have spent a long autumn and winter doing, well, very little exercise above the occasional couple of miles. As it's allegedly spring again, this needs to be remedied.

Are there any LotR or The Hobbit fans here?

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