April 14th, 2013

happy DMc

*yawn* - part two

But I have finally caught up on all my missed sleep!

Okay, what (or who) originally brought you to LJ?    How has it changed since you first got here?  Is it as much fun now (I mean contentwise, not the site itself) as then?  What advice would you give a newcomer to LJ?
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I come bearing free tee shirts

Was going through the shed today and found two nearly new MFU tee shirts.  One is with the standard logo.  The other is a great shot of Napoleon and Illya done in a sort of woodblock style.  Both are blue and I'm willing to send them to anyone who PM's me a shipping address.

HOWEVER, the only problem - they are both smalls (34-36)...


She made me do it: Attention All Sections!

I received a command from Spike Command

Welcome to chibianonymous..... our new little playground.

Lovingly created for all chibi, all fandoms, all cousins, all cousins-to-be.  This is not exclusively an MFU site.

There is only one rule: no flaming, or Mama Sparky will get out her scepter with the nails in it and turn you into zombie chow.

And in the immortal voice-over words from The Mouth of McCallum......."Play with me..."