July 10th, 2013


Well, the workmen have arrived

Sorry for the late opening.  It took a while to get all the construction people cleared through Security.  Ah, nothing like 36 butt cracks to wake you up in the morning....

Speaking of butt cracks...what signs of personal aging don't you mind, and what signs do you mind?

(as a reminder, I can initiate Canteen posts from work, but can't respond...so, keep a watch on the coffee pots for me)

Perfect with the canteen coffee...

You've knitted them, created them from cardboard and even regenerated one from a laundry basket; now you can bake them: it is the Dalek cupcake.


(Photo from today's Times)

Wait!!!! There's more. Much more. They're from Lakeland Plastics and here's some they made earlier:

Dalek Khan? No. Dalek Cake:


And Party, Party Time.


What an amazing world we have.
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While waiting for svetlanacat's mission report of her meeting with Spikesgirl, I was wondering about other cousin meet-ups - who has met in RL with whom?

For me, I met with cosmosmariner in Milwaukee, and we are working on a Cubs game in August. I know that she went to England and met up with bluemeany (darn I can't do those tags).

Who else has met with another cousin?

Name 10 Things

...that you must have around you to feel secure and peaceful.

In no particular order:  music (new age, soft jazz, 60's & 70's, the occasional disco)... my hot pink Berkshire Blanket throw that my brother gave me for Christmas (I sleep with it.....yes, at 55, I have turned into Linus).... handmade lace doilies.... silk flowers in shades of pink, cream, white & yellow... the dynamic duo known as Spike and Tazz...  a minimum of 2 months of canned & dry cat food... a full charge on my cell, my Kindle & my laptop... a clean kitchen sink with no dirty dishes ...  soft pink light bulbs (not only do 60 watt bulbs help conserve electricity, but nobody can tell if you haven't dusted) ... an organized desk.
LaJolla sunset

Going OT, laterally

I'm not surprised, but Cote announced today that she's leaving NCIS.  She's coming back for a few episodes, but won't be staying for the season.

I'll miss Ziva, I'll miss the pleasure of Cote's performance.  And, I am DREADING the inevitable fan backlash (but, maybe....maybe, after 8 seasons, people will give her a break?)

Thank you, Cote.  May your life and your career take you exactly down the path you want.
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