September 25th, 2013

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What episode did I watch?

Okay, put your thinking caps on - I just finished watching an episode. Which episode? You'll have to guess.
I'm going to the Image Library and picking an obscure cap of Napoleon - that will make it tough, since you IllyaGirls have memorized every move Illya has made - and you have to guess the episode. If no one gets it, I'll post another.

Ready? Gee, this is harder than I thought, finding an image you won't guess right away...

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Try again

Svetlana, you are too good. Okay, another episode, another Napoleon cap. Here goes (and I am not sure if I know how to screen comments):


This is what happens when you try to work from home for a day....
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That was too easy...

...but this won't be.

I have 4 obscure quotes - well, 3 obscure ones, anyway. Tell me who said it and the episode. I will screen comments.

I'll start with the easy one:

1. "This is a ceremonial dagger, which my fascinating friends the gypsies sometimes use."

2. "Well, an attractive woman should be much more than just competent."

3. "Lieutenant, you don't really want the purse now, do you?"

4. "Well, I must say, Sir Norman, you look a good deal younger than the last time we met."