December 23rd, 2013


I'm finally back.  Is anyone still here?  I've got pizza and coke for the straglers.

Or since the guys are still here we can finish it up on our own.  When you all find us in the morning just roll our well fed and blissed out bodies into a corner and let us wake on our own. 
wolf and moon
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Hell of a party!

Napoleon: "Why am I wet, Illya?"
Illya: "You are in the UNCLE swmming pool."
Napoleon: "What am I doing in the UNCLE swimming pool, Illya?"
Illya: "You were sleeping off your excesses from the UNCLE Christmas party last night. We are due in Mr. Waverly's office in ten minutes, and this was the only way I could get you to wake up."
Napoleon: "It was a hell of a party, though, wasn't it!?"
Illya: (grins) "Hell of a party."


My Front Window with Rocky my Bear, a light up Polar Bear and my little Beary Christmas Tree.


As you can see Rocky is decked out in his Santa Bear costume, awaiting the big night with his lighted snowflake and candle in front of his flexible flyer sled. The tree is small, about three feet tall, flocked with snow and white lights. There are bears all over it. The little polar bear is new this year, led lighted and his colours change every few seconds. Hey at least I put up a tree this year!
wolf and moon
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Silent Night (reposted from last year's Down the Chimney 2012)

To celebrate the season, I'm reposting a story I wrote for last year's Down the Chimney Challenge:

                        Silent Night

It's Christmas Eve, and Napoleon and Illya are on the run from THRUSH. Illya is gravely injured, and the men are miles from the nearest town. This is a story of friendship, and the miracles it can bring.
Merry Christmas to all the Cousins!

Silent Night