February 18th, 2014

Robert Vaughn

WE. Law and Order-Burned. Feb 18, 5pm EST
USA. Law and Order SVU-Clock. Feb 20, 12pm EST
WGN. Law and Order-Burned. Feb 21, 12pm EST
WE. Law and Order-Bad Girl. Feb 24, 5pm EST
WE. Law and Order-Monster, Feb 25, 5pm EST
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Putting out some feelers

On September 22nd, MFU will be 50 years old and it would only be right to do something about it. I was thinking of taking a page from 'X Files" and having a little fun at the same time. I was thinking about doing the MFU112 challenge. In 112 (or more), write a story, a reflection, a poem, or just loose thoughts about what MFU is to you. It could be something slashy or not so much. When 9/22 comes along, you can post them here or in Scrapbook. No pressure, no real commitment of time. I mean this post is exactly 112 words – not long at all.

What say you, cousins?
jailed Napoleon

just wondering

Why are there several episodes of Illya being used as bait to trap Napoleon, but none using Napoleon as bait to trap Illya?  He is nearly as knowledgeable as Napoleon and he does have some hefty credentials to his credit.
Happy Nappy2

a warm welcome to Lindafishes

She's new to us, so let's give her roushing welcome.  Beany, get down!  Sorry, she gets so excited around new people.  I hope that you will have fun bashing about the Canteen.  If there's anything you need or questions, just ask away.  You will find us a very friendly group.

And if there are any other new members here, welcome! Please come in, put your feet up and chat a bit!