March 3rd, 2014

Winston 2

To all writers!

From the editor of Kuryakin Files:

Hi all,

I’m taking submissions of art, poetry, stories, cartoons, just about anything (ask if you have a question) for the next issue of The Kuryakin File #34, a gen MFU fanzine.

With issue #33, we went all digital, so issue #34 will again be digital. May print out 5-10 copies to send to MWC if there is a MWC this May (anyone know for sure?). Otherwise, the zine will be digital only.

If you have any questions, or would like to submit something for consideration, please write me off list to

Would need submissions by mid April to make an end of May publication.
Illya surrenders

If lost, return to...

The guys seem to have a real problem holding onto their weapons (stop right there, Sparky!). I've seen several shots of Illya's gun with a 'K' on it, and did find some with an 'S' (once I looked) - What's the point in that if they lose them at least once an assignment?