March 7th, 2014

TV Fun

We now begin our broadcasting day

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was TV. The shows were in black and white, you had three channels to choose from (if you were lucky) and broadcasting started at five (usually) and stopped at midnight. Many of us were kids then. My mother tells me I would wail at the end of Lassie when she would hold up her paw and run screaming from the room at the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show, but I don't remember this... I do remember Captain Kangaroo, though

So close your eyes and think really hard...

What was the very first show you remember seeing on TV? Was there a show you really responded to, good or bad?

Bald Is Beautiful

Michael Symon is in Omaha this weekend.  Got to go to see him on Thursday.  Learned
a few new things and listened to his stories about the burger contest that he won earlier
this week.  He;s hilarious and I love that giggle of his.  An added bonus is that Thursday's show was also to raise help for the Omaha food bank.  They raised a lot of food yesterday.

For the cat keepers...


(It sounds perfectly credible to me; an ex-boyfriend's cat drove me out of his home repeatedly, by dropping parts of dead mice in my lap and tipping tea over me every time I sat near him.
And what's with LJ now? The system for uploading photos has changed. The drag and drop doesn't work, and I can't pick a size even.)