October 8th, 2014

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Man From UNCLE Slash Zines For Sale

I'm sadly having to downsize my collection of zines and I have the following for sale -

Man From UNCLE (all slash) –

A Matter of Trust (photocopy) £5
An Eternal Flame: Book 1 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £10
Compromising Positions £8
Dark Encounters £5
Exposures 1 £8
A Fine Line £5
Medieval Fantasy (as new, only read once) £10
Old World Affair £8
Rain At Dawn: Book 3 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £10
The Long Shadows Cast: Book 2 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £10
The Perfect Affair £8

Multimedia (all slash) –

Battle of Hope – CSI Miami, Company Business, MFU, Sentinel, Pros, Smallville, Quantum Leap, Due South, Original M/M fic (as new, only read once) £10

Cohorts 3 – Archie, Babylon 5, Chief/Pros, Due South, Rawhide, X Men, Pros/Muppets, MFU, Seaquest, Highlander, Gargoyles, Sherlock Holmes, Garfield, UFO £8

On The Double 33 Apr-Jul 95 (adzine) £2

Prices do not include postage. I am in the UK but will happily post overseas. I can be paid by PayPal.

Please comment here if interested, or alternatively I can be contacted at sallyfell@hotmail.co.uk
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Is there interest in a Down the Chimney Affair this year?

I've been hesitating to announce a DTCA sign-up due to the completely marvelous explosion of creativity related to The Man from UNCLE's 50th anniversary, which is still ongoing. I see there is also the Scrapbook's Halloween story festivities coming up this month and between all the 50th events, the Section VII challenges and Scrapbook - it just seemed like a few too many deadlines for our fannish community.

What say you all? Yay? Or shall we take a breather from the deadline go-round this year and instead make the 2015 Down the Chimney a huge Affair to Remember?

Leave your comment on MUNCLE here:

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The MFU 50 Bang is booming, booming, booming!

24 new stories by your favorite authors!
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One new story and piece of art per day, until October 20th!

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The Rosebay Affair - Part V - Evolution by saki101 with art by mayamaia