December 3rd, 2014

Illya eating

Eat up!

Do you think that listing calories of all the items on a menu makes you more aware of what you are eating?

Do you worry about calories and fat content when you eat out?

Do you like to try new restaurants, or do you prefer to go to those you have already been to
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This came as a request from Open Channel D

Last year we posted photos of our Christmas trees and especially the ornaments. Open Channel D had asked if we could do it again this year and I say, "BRING IT ON!"

If it's real or fake, green or pink, flocked or nekkid, let's see how we are decking our boughs this year.

Even if you don't put up a tree, but have something seasonal you'd like to share with us, please do! that's what the season is all about!
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Header for Posting DtCA Works to muncle

Over here are some simple instructions about the format to follow when posting your DtCA work to muncle. These instructions are very straightforward and simple and I hope no one will have any difficulty in following this format. No html coding required. Sorry for all the confusion! When half a dozen folks immediately panic, that means a change is in order.

cross-posting to mfu_canteen and section7mfu in order to reach the majority of contributors