February 7th, 2015

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  • vysila

Go Ahead. Make a Friend's Day.

Just a reminder that the deadline for joining in the Valentine Exchange on muncle is midnight this coming Wednesday, February 11. The early deadline is to allow me some time to get the final post prepared.

Those who participated in 2013 will tell you it's very easy to do - and the rewards are definitely feel good on both sides, for those who receive a valentine from an anonymous friend and those who send the valentines. It's win-win all around. We already have over 100 valentines waiting to be distributed, but there's plenty of room for more!

The rules? Hardly any.
1. Make up a list of UP TO 14 names on your LJ friends list and send that list of names to me. I would like to stress that if you have a short list of 3 names, or a slightly longer list of 17 names, that's all fine. The 14 name list is pretty arbitrary on my part, chosen because Valentine's Day is on the 14th.

2. For each name, offer up a sentiment to express: "You are a wonderful person", "You make me happy", "I love your stories", "I miss you!", "Funniest person on earth" - things like that. Just something you like about that person. Offer "hugs" to someone who is going through a rough time.

3. Although I say LJ, the list need not be limited to just LJ users. If you have friends on tumblr or some other platform, feel free to include them in your list.

4. Send your list to me. You can send it to vysila via the LiveJournal private messaging feature or email it to me at vysila AT comcast DOT net. I will put the list together in a single post which will appear on muncle on February 14th.

5. The valentine wishes are anonymous. There are no thank-yous to tender, no obligation to reciprocate. The point is simply to make others feel good about themselves and/or their participation in fandom. The reward for those who send the valentine wishes is that they made some friends happy.

Everyone who participates gets a warm fuzzy feeling and a surprise treat!

So please go ahead and make a friend's day. :)