February 20th, 2015

Harlequin drake

MFU Movie

My almost 23 year old son knows I write stories for MFU. He saw me working on my current chapter of Yellowstone Affair and said, "Hey Mom, Is that for Man from UNCLE?"  Then he went on to tell me he just saw the movie trailer on tv and said enthusiastically,  "it looks pretty good!"

So maybe, even though some of us original fans might be leary of the movie, the younger generations have nothing to compare it to so they will judge it for what it is, not whether it does justice to the original show. And that may be a good thing.  He liked the little bit he saw.

Another movie...not MFU nor has our guys in it, but....

I rarely can get hubby to go to movies. He didn't want to see American Sniper, so we decided on The Kingsmen but it was quite crowded so at the last second as we're buying tickets we picked MCFARLAND, USA, with Kevin Cosner.  Excellent movie. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed it and I would gladly see it again.  It's a "feel good" movie that has its moments of angst and heartbreak but the viewer is not overwhelmed. Worth the price of a ticket.