March 22nd, 2015

Website is up and running!

As most of you know April Morrisett and I have been writing paperback novels based on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. for several years now. There are three in print. I was also responsible for creating the "swag" bags for the TGAA Anniversary gala for the 50th Anniversary of MFU. I have some items left and I thought what better way to raise money for my foundation to help protect the Great Bear Rainforest and the Native people, than to donate the proceeds from the sales of these items to them? So I created a website where you can buy both books and TGAA items, and our famous UNCLE ID cards too!

The address is:

I hope everyone in fandom likes it!


Lisa Lazarus
Mfu: Love

The "I Love You Partner" Affair - review of disc 10

Hiya cousins!
Here's part ten of my little review. The last one of Season 1. Stop by if you have the time. :)
It's over HERE in my journal [with pictures]. This time I looked through the episodes The Girls of Nazarone Affair and The Odd Man Affair.
Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4 | Disc 5 | Disc 6 | Disc 7 | Disc 8 | Disc 9 | Disc 10

I'm now going to take a little break, because 10 discs in a little over a week is hard work, but I'll get back to Season Two as soon as possible. It will probably take longer, because tomorrow I start work again (after being ill for over a week). Talk to you guys later!