April 10th, 2015

Drinking on the job?

I know there's been quite a bit of fanfiction regarding our favorite agents' drinking...usually a single-malt Scotch for Napoleon and Vodka for Illya.

I'm thinking, though, that there were other drinks of choice, but can't think of which episodes and what they were! They were mixing something up in Waverly's office (first season b&w ????) and drank from the bottle of Slivovitz during Turbuf, but I know there were other instances where the drink was shown and/or actually mentioned.

Help a cousin out (before she goes bonkers)?
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Lindafishes8 update

I spoke to Linda and she came through surgery fine, though she broke her fibula it's actually considered a broken ankle as it's where the fibula connects with the ankle.  

She's waiting to find out when she will be sent off to a rehab facility and has to stay off the foot for 6-8 weeks.  Knowing Linda, oh joy.  She was a nurse and knows the routine but easier said than done when it comes to yourself.

She won't be able to do any reading as of yet as she's still recovering from her eye surgery. (doesn't have her laptop anyway)

I let her know everyone's get well wishes and she says a big thank you to you all!

Will keep you updated!

That few?

There was an item in yesterday's newspaper that said there's an average of 7.3 internet connected devices per household in the UK.

Now I tend to think that we don't have many, there's three of us, me, OH and Eldest and we have 10. A smartphone (just one), four laptops, a wireless printer, a tablet, a smart TV and two kindles. Think what else we could have, another couple of smartphones, another tablet or two, games consoles, the numbers could really go up.

So what do you think? Is the number low? Or are there more households not connected to the internet than I think?