July 7th, 2015


Update To Those Interested:

It is available on www.hulu.com
I just enter 'hustle' in their little search box.  When it brings up the show, I just click on the one I want to watch.  Haven't had to pay yet.  But I do know they do have other shows that you do have to pay and be a hulu member for, like Royal Pains, (grrrrrrr) There are 8 seasons with 6 shows for each season available at this time.  I'm guessing there are more shows that aren't available yet.
City River at Night

FanFiction Profile Links - Update for those who may be interested

Hi Guys,

As is not uncommon with good old FF; I've heard nothing from them so far, however I have found buried in their tweets & replies confirmation that this is policy in response to their recent problems with (I'm assuming the Korean) spam.

Needless to say the following requests appear to have fallen on deaf ears. I'm not on twitter myself, but if you are and would like to complain, they do at least appear to be resonding in some form to that, if not to e-mails

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If I was being cynical (and I am) I would suspect that, now they have the excuse, we won't see them back.