December 1st, 2015

christmas kittens

Days are going fast, but it is not too late.

Yesterday, gilda_elise mentioned something and I thought it was worth mentioning here. She was saying that in the Pros community, they have things directed at everyone, not just writers and artists (she said it better than that, of course). So I thought what a fun idea. sparky955 suggested that it might be fun to run it after Christmas as it is always a quiet time here then.

To those ends, I am proposing a Twelve Days of Christmas, MFU style Challenge. As the traditional Twelve Days start on December 25, so will ours. The challenge - pick a day, any day. On that day, post something MFU. It could be a photo, a rec to a story you like, a memory, anything MFU. If you are worried about having the time, remember that you can pre-post something (click the change button to the right of the date/time listed and pick the day and time you want).

So, anyone interested? Pick a day, any day! And my thanks to Gilda and Sparky for great ideas.

(Dec. 25) Day 1 - Spikesgirl58
(Dec. 26) Day 2 - Sparky955
(Dec. 27) Day 3 - Fiorenza_a
(Dec. 28) Day 4 - Leethet
(Dec. 29) Day 5 - Kanders
(Dec. 30) Day 6 - Bonniejean
(Dec. 31) Day 7 - Missdiane
(Jan 1) Day 8 - Jkkitty
(Jan 2) Day 9 - Vysila
(Jan 3) Day 10 - Elmey
(Jan 4) Day 11 - Gilda_elise
(Jan 5) Day 12 - Ashley_pitt