December 27th, 2015

Twelfth Doctor

David book signing

This just popped up on my google alert, and I confirmed it on Barnes & Noble website. David will be signing at The Grove at Farmer's Market, California on January 21. This is a wristbanded event. For guidelines please visit our facebook page at or contact Barnes & Noble at The Grove at 323.525.0270. I guess it's an open invitation for anyone to go; there's no way I can make it :(
  • susanpr

Mrs. Waverly Tea and Book Club - The Assassination Affair

I have posted the prologue and 14 chapters of The Assassination Affair for our next Book Club meeting, which is January 2nd. My copy of the book seems to end rather abruptly, so if someone who has the physical book could check the ending and compare it to my Chapter 14 in mfu_books, I would appreciate it very much.

Happy reading, and I hope to see you all on Saturday