December 31st, 2015

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On the seventh day of MFU - a request for inspiration

I intended to rewatch things and maybe even write a fic but my frustratingly uncooperative brain has stalled again! I watched season one and loved it and then I puttered out partway through season two. The shame. I'm a bad (and rather bummed because I want the vibe back!) cousin! Between missing the black and white and then life getting quite annoyingly in the way, I ran out of steam and my Short Attention Span of Doom is refusing to let up. Boo!

So for my MFU post, I'm hoping to hear from you cousins! What I'm hoping for is to hear about your favorite episode or moment or series of moments that aren't during Season One. Tell me about the plot that really grabbed you or the episode where you thought the acting was so spot on that it wasn't even acting anymore or the one where you especially would've loved to have been there in that world living it at Del Floria's or off in some mysterious country the men were in. Maybe a screenshot of a good moment or a video.  Another bit of inspiration might be telling me about that era since I was born in 1970. The little bits of "real life" that for the first cousins drew you into watching the show when it was first-run.

It's the last day of 2015 and I'm hoping 2016 can be more fun and especially more filled with the MFU fandom vibe!

Happy sigh

Last night I listened to the soundtrack for the MFU-Movie. Man, there's some great stuff there. One piece made TBG come into the living room and say, "Wow, this so reminds me of UNCLE." he had not clue what I was listening to, so it made me laugh. I'm listening to it again and still loving it. Well, some of the vocals aren't my cup of tea, but the instrumentals are very good.
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A little swap?

On organizing my DVDs to put in the drawers of my nice new TV stand, I discovered that I have 2 copies of The Great Escape. Both copies have been opened and watched once,  but are in excellent condition and have the original case, also in excellent condition. The DVD is Region 1 - works on US DVD players. Wouldn't work on standard European equipment.

The Great Escape features fine performances by David McCallum and Charles Bronson (this is when he met Jill Ireland) as well as a star-studded cast.

I'd be happy to trade the DVD for a literary work relating to MfU. The Ace Books series number 6 Vampire Affair or number 22 Stone Cold Dead in the Marketplace Affair are two things I'm looking for, but a good MfU fanzine  or even the comics would be acceptable too. I'm looking for clean copies with all their pages and intact covers. Yellowing of the pages is expected given their age. No insects; I hate book lice and silverfish. Other MfU items will be considered, but I limit my MfU collection to literary works.

Anyone interested, just PM me. threecee
UNCLE artwork
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Not doggies just kitties...

Alas I don't have any digital photos of the dogs I used to have...don't have any way of scanning the pics, oh well.

Here's a photo of my Luna and blue-eyed Minnie making themselves at home in a basket...

cats in basket

minnie closeup Luna in chair

Misa the outside cat: (still trying to lure him inside...almost did it today)