January 6th, 2016

Love you kitty

Announcing the 2016 Valentine's Day Challenge in MFU Scrapbook

Love is in the air and it's time to start thinking about the 2016 Valentine's Day Challenge. It's simple, just pop over to MFU Scrapbook and post a picture that you would like to see have a story written for it. Make sure you let people know your preferences when you post. You do not have to write a story to put up a prompt.

Hope to see you there!
I'll take my jacket off.

Help needed: Rec episodes for mfu newbie

Hi! I've watched this community for a while but just joined now for need some help.
I mean, I have a favor to ask.
Would you kindly help me to choose 5 or 6 episodes/movies as a starter for a fandom newbie?

After the release of the movie (I mean, Guy Ritchie's one), a friend of mine asked if she want to try to start watch the old tv series, which episodes do I recommend as a starter? (Because she knows that I was a die-hard fan of the tv series.)
But it's been a while since last time I watched the series, my memory is kind of blur and I can't decide which episodes/movies are ones to hook her.

All tv episodes and movies sit on my shelf. I can let her watch any of them.

Apologize if I'm asking the same old question. In that case, would you let me know the url of the rec-list or thread or...something, anything?

I'm going to post this to section7mfu, also.