February 11th, 2016

Winston 2

Mrs. Waverly's Tea and Reading Club - Choosing the next book

These are the books that have been suggested as our next reading. Pick the one you prefer. Second runner up will be next and so on.


What MFU book should we read next

The Doomsday Affair - Harry Whittington
The Mad Scientist Affair- John T Phillifent
The Invisibility Affair - Thomas Stratton
Love you kitty

Love is in the air!

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. Here's an invitation to everyone here. On Saturday and Sunday, show us what love is to you. It might be the guys, a puss, dog or other pet, or just something that you adore. Post a photo of your love and let's all celebrate.

Where Are You?


I'm on board the Starship Heart of Gold. Whenever I'm deciding on which book to read next, I open the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (the first 5 parts of the 'trilogy'). I've read it so many times that I can dip in and out at will, without having to read the pages which came before the one I open the book at. So tell me, where are you?