March 4th, 2016


Today is . . .

. . . Salesperson Day!

This is a day which speaks to my soul. I worked in a supermarket for 10 years and was miserable most of the time. The job itself was great, as long as I was doing something that didn't involve interacting with the customers. To be fair, the majority were nice, normal people. However, quite a few were downright despicable.

They treated the staff like something they'd scraped from their shoe. If I had £1 for every time I'd cried in the staff toilets, because of something a customer had said or done, I would be fairly well off. I never realised how awful people could be until I worked in retail. On the plus side, it has made me into an exceptionally patient customer. If I'm in a queue which is moving slowly, I never complain. I don't know how short-staffed they might be, or what delivery issues they've had. We once had a very bad winter which meant the deliveries couldn't get to us. Guess who got the blame (repeatedly) for there being no fresh bread.

I'll stop now before I go into a full-on rant. I know some are terrible at customer service, but be nice to sales people and retail workers. They get crap from customers, and from management.


Failing memory

Watching One Spy Too Many on TCM just now, with Alexander's wife trying to get her settlement papers signed, and something else is niggling. Is there an episode (or was it fanfic) with some other woman running around trying to get something signed? Guy who had to sign whatever it was may have been in a cell.
Does it ring any bells with anyone?