June 12th, 2016


Dear American Cousins.

I'm so very sorry about what has happened in Orlando. It's just heartbreaking, upsetting and awful. Florida and Orlando in particularly are obviously major holiday destinations and everyone there is so committed to making sure you have a good time. I don't remember a single minute of being there that wasn't fun and really the Floridians could not be more welcoming and committed to making sure guests are looked after. I'm really sorry things have been so awful today.

RNC Update

In their infinite wisdom, the city leaders in Cleveland where the Republican National Convention will soon be held, have decided to extend the cutoff time for drinking in bars from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM. This will increase revenue for over 400 bars and drinking establishments in the area of the convention. Downtown bars may take in as much as $100,000 during that week.

Just what we need! Inebriated Trump enthusiasts prancing through the city at 4 AM. Will any good come from it? At least the Cleveland police will be kept busy, issuing citations and hauling away drunks. Oh joy! Hoping for some great videos on YouTube.