August 4th, 2016


Obviously I and all the other Meanies are fine....

There's been a mass knife attack up at Russell Square, the square up near the British Museum. 1 woman dead I'm afraid and six injured [but hopefully they'll be alright, the paramedics were there quickly, and there's an ER two blocks away so they're in as good hands as possible] The police have arrested the [I think we can safely say] batshit-crazy fuckwit with the knife. I'm going to bed anyway, but there's some suggestion this might be one of the same pair of morons that that pilot fought off the other day when they tried to kidnap him, i.e there's still another one knocking about riiiggggghhhht up until the police arrest him too. But obviously everywhere is CRAWLING with police now so it'll be fine, I'm fine and don't worry - and all good wishes for recovery to the other six hurt.