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Run Away!

Just wondering

Was there ever a moment during the series that made you pull back in disgust and go eeewww? One that nearly made you want to leave the room and never ever watch the series again?

I have to confess I had that with "Hot Number" - in spite of some genuinely great moments between the guys, if I heard the ramp to I Got You Babe one more time I was going upchuck on the TV screen. I have since learned to watch it with the mute on (of course, we didn't have mute the first time I saw it).
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Sparky and the Marvelous, Wonderful, So Good, Very Pink Day

pink sunrise
Good morning, Sparky, good morning! It's going to be a marvelous, wonderful, such a very good day!

I know it's hard to leave your comfy, warm bed -- but you can do it!
pink sheets

Don't forget to brush your teeth and comb your hair ...
pink vanity

...and enjoy a nice cup of tea.
coffee cat

Now it's time to run errands. The forecast says rain so don't forget your umbrella --

--before you jump into your car
hello kitty car

You find a real treasure at your favorite thrift store...
pink cat

...and after a busy day of shopping, you enjoy a delicious, completely indulgent dinner
pink dinner

before you trundle off to bed
pink bedroom

to dream oh such sweet dreams.
pink dreams

Sleep well, Queen of Pink!

P.S. Please don't move to Australia!
Fandom community

Sale of Classic Zine collection ---FYI

I am selling these for my friend Mary Lonergan, another First Cousin, who is in nursing care following a debilitating brain aneurism. Please contact me for the full listing including other fandoms (Monkees, Beatles, Starsky and Hutch, BG, etc.)

UNCLE Genzines, very well cared for, condition noted, $5 each, plus postage of your choice

Credentials 2007 Nan Mack (Orig $13) Exc

Nowhere Man Affair-Paulie, orig 1986 8-1/2”x11” version, VG/Exc condition

Wolves and Lambs/Final Affair by Paula Block 1977 VG

Age of Innocence Affair 1998 by Barbara Zuchegna Exc

Small Sacrifices 2003 NL Hayes and Nan Mack VG, slight stain on FC Orig $16

St Crispins 1-4, all VG

Reunion by C Walker and N Mack, Exc

Waverly Papers 1-2 by Laurie Keeper, both Exc

Kuryakin File 1 by Jean Graham VG

UNCLE (Prices do not include postage of your choice)

An entire set of Man From Uncle Paperbacks in good to VG condition
American Edition1-22, completed with British edition #5 Finger in the Sky Affair (Corresponds with American #23)
Plus xerox of McDaniels unpublished “Final Affair” intended as #24 $200 or BO
(Will consider breaking up the set, ask about individual wants and needs.)

Extra copy of #16 Splintered Sunglasses Affair $5

MFU Magazine Feb 1967 in good condition $12

ILLYA That Man From UNCLE in Very Good condition $20

Please contact Janice StClair at
Thank you!

Wishing you well,
Janice St. Clair, First Cousin

Memo from the desk of Alexander Waverly

My dear Mrs. Sparky:

I do hope your spirits have been lifted by the outpouring of pink encouragement from your cousins. I was wondering, however --- might I trouble you to remove the pink round conference table and pink executive desk chair and pink shag carpeting from my office?

With best regards,
Alexander Waverly
Number One, Section One
United Network for Law and Enforcement
New York City, New York

I have no words to make each of you understand how your taking the time of find these photos and taking the time to post good thoughts for me has touched me. I am completely and totally gobsmacked. Thank you is inadequate, but know it's from my heart.

And a Pink tea set for the garden....

Is essential obviously.....
Plus I'm back home for the weekend and cause it's the Village Show next weekend the houses are prepping to win the Scarecrow Competition so I notice our neighbours have pink bunting to match their pink flowers, which I'm prepared to go and steal for the glory of Queen Sparky