August 20th, 2016

Winston 2

With my hat in my hands - Mrs. Waverly's Afternoon Tea and Book Club

I am so sorry, everyone, that I totally spaced about the book club today. Please accept my apologies.

How is everyone finding the book? Have you been able to compare it against the GFU by the same author? A lot fewer clothes references, that's for certain.

I have the feeling he watched the first episode and was told to wing the rest.

Feelings, opinions?
Fridgebunny FTW!

Kitchens around the world

I love the YouTube channel "Life Where I'm From" about a family in Japan. I really like that they're compiling contributions from people around the world for new segments. I'm about halfway through watching this video and am enjoying it thoroughly.

Since we have folks from all around in here - what's your kitchen like? Does it differ from what's shown in this video (if your country is represented, that is and if not - share!)? I'd like to know!