August 28th, 2016

minion whaaa?

Give me a hint

The memory, she grows rusty these days, as it does for almost everyone eventually. So what memory tricks would you see Napoleon and Illya using to make sure something vital wasn’t forgotten? It’s not like they can jot it down on the calendar since they seem to rarely be in the same room with one. Notes can be helpful, but the wrong note in the wrong hands would be tragic. Do they tell each other and hope for the best? (the husband and I go that route frequently).

So what say you, cousins or do you just forget about it?
UNCLE artwork
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An Invitation!

Section VII always runs somethng for
with the event ending before the start of
the Halloween Challenge in Scrapbook.

Looks like we're having a Round Robin here in Section VII. Halloween opens the door wide for spooky, scary, angsty and yes...silly chapters.

Interested in joining in?  Leave a comment and let me know!.

It's going to be based on a previously written Halloween story that sets the scene for all sorts of possibilities. (instead of the other idea of a photo prompt that I mentioned in yesterday's posts)

What say you?

So far ssclassof56, insaneladybug, pfrye, avery11, katbybee, myself and glennagirl are in. We'd like to have at least 8-10 writers, though the more the 'scarier...' ahem, 'merrier.'

These challenges are always fun, and not a lot of writing is required.  Most likely a 100 word minimum, with no maximum on your chapter. 1-2 go rounds...depending on how many writers join in.

There's still time to think about it of course! It's only August 28th. LOL! "D

Everyone who signs up will be given plenty of notice on the start date and the final parameters.