September 11th, 2016


This one made me laugh

Blame Sparky for it...

During one of the past US presidencies (it was either Clinton or Bush), the local Domino's pizza nearest to The White House said they always knew when something big militarily was coming down, even before it leaked to the media, because there'd be huge pizza orders to be delivered all night to The White House (as long as they were open, I guess...and I do hope The Secret Service were good tippers).

Made me think - when something big was going down at UNCLE HQ, late night, maybe after the Canteen had closed (or was down to serving coffee), what do you think the boys would order to munch on?

Can you see the Chinese delivery? "Hey, Sam, 47 orders of General Tso's for DelFloria's again....& use the plastic containers. Last time, the ones with the metal handles caught fire from the x-rays! And, for God's sake, don't forget the egg rolls!"

What day you, cousins?
MFU Drive In

today in history

In 1900, a motor vehicle patent was granted to Francis and Freelan Stanley.

what's your favorite style of car?

Mine is a Triumph 3. My sister had three of these, but the red one is the one that had my heart. I loved that car and tried to buy it off her several times. Her youngest son finally wrapped it around a tree and it was no more... sigh. It featured heavily in my second MFU story, The Touring Affair.