April 4th, 2017


If you're flying over to arrest me, could you bring me some tea?

re: the new user agreement and my opinion of.

Years ago, Ron lost hundreds of photos of an actress he liked because the website closed without notice. It was run by one person and that can get expensive.

Sparky's take away from that event: you like it, you save it, and you back it up at least 3 different ways.

Unless somebody in Russia is going to turn time back to the day Ron's kidneys checked out and make me relive all those years again...the worst thing that could happen to me from the user agreement would be that communities I enjoy would be shut down.

Back up MFU fic? Check,beginning December 2007. Back up MFU photos? Check, beginning early 2008.
Email addresses? Saved at least 5 ways, including hard copy.

I completely understand and respect the concerns about the user agreement and the freedom of speech we're accustomed to with LJ. I do feel that the poor folks in Russia have more to concern them than LJ. Our countries have different political/socioeconomic viewpoints, but at the end of the day, everyone in both countries, crap, everybody on the planet wants to feel safe and to protect those they love. I think LJ is pretty low in the list of things that negatively affect Russia. But, if anything I enjoy in Lj is removed...Sparky is prepared.

Now, if only I could find those damn blue sandals that I want to wear on the flight out....