August 30th, 2017

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Episode - The Deadly Game
Director Dick Nelson
Writer Alvin Ganzer
Show date October 20, 1963

A former SS scientist (Alexander Scourby) is attempting to reanimate the body of Hitler (though not mentioned by name). Co-starring Janine Gray as THRUSH villainess Angelique, with whom Solo has a complex, romantic relationship.

Again pinched from Wikipedia because I am lazy and why invent the wheel?

The high point of this episode is that we got to meet the THRUSH we all loved to hate - Angelique. I would have liked to have seen her return in future episodes if only because of the way she annoyed the poop out of Illya. This episode also broached some pretty scary concepts of reanimation and where do the rights of a body end. I thought it was, as was the case with most Season One episodes, meaty and dealing with some controversial subjects. I mean, what if he had been trying to reanimate a fallen hero? Would UNCLE have been so ready to shut him down?

The low point - I didn't really have one, although more Illya would have been nice, but I would say that about any episode...

What say you, cousins?