February 25th, 2018

when plot bunnies attack

It's time for Easter Eggs over in MFUWSS

An Easter Egg at mfuwss is a drabble or a short story of 100-500 words. Small and sweet, just like an Easter Egg should be. ;-) Everyone who wants one should comment here and ask for it. Please tell us if you want your Easter Egg to be gen or slash and give us one or two prompts to be used.

Everyone can participate. You can ask for an Easter Egg even if you're not a writer or artist yourself and therefore can't give one. Everyone should be aware, though, that their wishes may not be fulfilled as we're not assigning writers to recipients; we'd like to keep this as informal as possible.

For more information or to sign up, please check out this post

See you hippity hoppitying down the bunny trail!
iconic Napoleon

Just wondering

I am trying to imagine what MFU would be like with the current trend of season long storylines and how that would have changed to look of the show. Would they have battled many different THRUSH in an attempt to get to a head honcho? Would we have had more backstory about the guys? I wonder how many agents we would have ended up following(I mean, honestly, now you need a score card to keep track of everyone on some shows).

Granted there is nothing we can actually do about it, but would you have liked to have seen longer storylines in the show (or may, just maybe a bit of continuity from one episode to the next)?