March 9th, 2018

illya kuryakin, mfu

I've Been Watching VR.5 on YouTube....

... and while I have only seen glimpses of David McCallum so far (and I'm up to episode 6!) which is disappointing, I'm loving the series otherwise! It's got a nice mysterious conspiracy plot happening, and David's character (Dr Joseph Bloom) seems to be pivotal to it. Maybe if the series hadn't been cancelled thirteen episodes in he would have come to play a major role in the story?

Which brings me to: TMFU/VR.5 crossover plotbunnies! Oh, I can see a lot of potential here. For a start, couldn't Dr Joseph Bloom (noted scientist) actually have been one Dr Illya Kuryakin (PhD in quantum physics) deep undercover? And the sinister organisation pulling strings in the background - "The Committee" has a distinctly THRUSH scent about it. Not only do they indulge in such pastimes as assassination, kidnapping and torture, but they also like to dabble in the fringe of insane superscience. Is it too much to speculate that they might have crossed the path of U.N.C.L.E. some time in the past?