April 1st, 2019


A Bit Of Trivia From "The Girls of Nazarone Affair.”

"I had to learn how to drive a finely tuned sports car called a Cobra. They had one that was the show’s car and another that was this guy’s prize possession. Well, the TV car’s back axel locked so we could only use the really fancy one. The guy who owned it did not want me driving it. The stuntman had parked the car with the wheels turned and I didn’t notice that. They gave me strict instructions not to baby the car but to put my foot on the gas and go. I got in the car with this actor Ben Wright, I said my lines, I put my foot on the gas and since the wheels were turned I was headed for about fifty crew members. I swung the car around and careened down the road. I think it was being in character that saved. Everyone was thrilled to death except the poor guy in the car with me."

Danica d’Hondt in “The Girls of Nazarone Affair.”

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From UNCLE Agents/Facebook