October 27th, 2019


Spooky Drabble!


The embers in Waverly’s library fireplace barely lit their faces.
“Long ago, far away,” said Kuryakin, “there was an island where heroes trained.”
Solo smiled.
“One moonless night, hundreds of evil killer birds invaded, murdering everyone.  Except one man.”
Young Melvin’s eyes widened.
“Injured, he crawled into an underground hidey-hole.  When the birds left, he tried to open the hatch, but it wouldn’t budge.  Trapped, he desperately clawed at it, shredding his fingers to stubs, until he died. On moonless nights he walks the island, whispering, ‘Sufffffocaaaaated… give me airrrrr...”
Waverly frowned.
Melvin whimpered.
Cutter looked most frightened of all.
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The Bargain

the bargain
New York City, Halloween night, 1964

“… And there it was — the hook — still attached to the outside handle of the passenger door…”

As he finished his story, George Dennel sat back in his chair, feeling very pleased with himself.  He wanted to add an evil laugh at the end, but thought better of it.  He wasn’t very good at evil laughter anyway.

The small group that was gathered in the commissary of  U.N.C.L.E. HQ offered polite nods and smiles. Mandy even clapped. It wasn’t quite the reaction he’d expected.

“That’s an old one, George,” Napoleon  Solo observed from behind the nearby counter where he was mixing  drinks for all of them.  “Everyone’s heard it before.”  It was long after the dinner hour and except for the janitor mopping up the floors, the kitchen staff was gone for the night.

“Really?” George asked, genuinely surprised. 

“In my country,” Illya Kuryakin informed him, “it’s a scythe hanging on the side of a hay wagon.”

George shook his head, not entirely convinced. “ It’s still a good story,” he muttered stubbornly, and Mandy Stevens, ever the good supportive friend, patted his arm in agreement.

“Well, the deal still stands,” announced Connie, who usually worked the night shift. “Whoever tells the scariest story takes me home and gets a piece of my grandma’s pumpkin pie, the best in the world.” She looked to Solo as he set down the drinks at the table. “What about you?”

“Sorry, the only story I can think of right now is last week’s episode of ‘Twilight Zone.’” Beside him, Mandy took a sip. “Mmmm… this is good. What’s in it?”

“Cider, of course. Cinnamon and a shot of  some lemon juice. I had to improvise. Be careful, though: there’s a lot of rum in there.”  The way Solo slid into an empty seat sideways provided evidence that he’d already sampled his share.  “But I’ll bet Illya’s up to the challenge.”  Solo knew Connie had a thing for his partner and sure enough, she turned toward the Russian agent with bright, expectant eyes.

Put on the spot, Kuryakin took a healthy swig of his own glass of spiked cider and considered. “All right.  I’ll take you up on that bet.” Then, as a pair of  lit jack o’ lanterns  flickered cozily nearby, he began:

“Once upon a time—”
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Halloween is not an official celebration in my country. In fact, the stores skip Halloween and start selling Christmas stuff since September. That's really annoying. However, you can find parties, and haunted houses in theme parks and malls. So, it's a messy celebration. I know that some people see this day as a cultural invasion and fight against it. We have an official Day of Masquerade since 2011 as an effort to incorporate some Costa Rican traditions.
I do my part with Halloween because this is my favorite time. This year, I decorated the main door, with the only mask I found at Wallmart. This is a Catrina, so I can keep her there after the Day of the Dead.
No trick or treating tough, but I intent to get some candy and chocolate for me and my sister.