November 20th, 2019

Christmas Napoleon

Down the Chimney and the Section 7 Round Robin!

Just a reminder, the annual Down the Chimney story exchange is in full swing!

For those of you who may be wondering, vysila wasn't able to run DtC this year.
Her computer has died, and she wasn't able to get at AO3 from her other devices.
So mfuwss offered to run DtC just to keep the tradition going until next year,
when it will be back on AO3.

We hope you'll join in the fun! The more Secret Agent Santas, the merrier!
For information on signing up, go here!

The Annual Christmas Round Robin is about to begin on Section 7 and we have a couple of openings for writers. If you're interested in joining us in this story telling romp, please visit the community and let us know.