March 24th, 2020

Young Fans

Just puzzled

The weather has been nice enough for me to take walks most days recently. (I'm in a suburban townhouse complex with fair amount of green space, no crowds.) I have been noticing something that makes no sense about the houses around me.

Almost half of the houses have all their blinds and curtains closed. I'm not talking about sheers or Venetian blinds with the slats open, I'm talking really closed up. These houses were that way before COVID-19, but I assumed it was because they were leaving for work before it was light out or they had some idea that burglars would avoid a house where they could sneak around unseen by anyone outside. But now, people are home all day, so why are they sitting in a completely darkened house? I even walked around behind a couple rows of houses and the patio doors and rear windows are shrouded too.

Other houses, many of which I know are owned by retired people, have all the blinds raised, heavy curtains drawn back, and some windows open. Some even have the front door open with just the screen door closed.

I was raised by parents who believed sunshine and fresh air were essential to health and even in winter rooms had to be "aired out" for a few minutes a couple times a day. (It didn't have any real impact on heating bills, because in really cold weather it was only for a few minutes.) I still go around drawing back all the curtains, opening all the blinds, and usually opening my bedroom window before even feeding the cat. On extremely hot days, I may draw the curtains on the sunny side of the house, but I don't sit in total darkness.

What's going on? Am I and the other window uncovering folks just weird?