December 19th, 2020

  • duche55

Anyone fancy some captioning fun?

I have a couple of suggestions:

“I know it’s a low-budget production but you’d think they’d stretch to a proper dressing room.”

For Outlander fans: “One minute I was resting against a rock on the top of a hill in 1746 and the next I was on top of a Land Rover in 1979. Wtf?”

Also I found this funny caption for a languorous shot on Tumblr the other day. Thank you typewritertimemachine for a good laugh!

  • gevr

2020 Christmas party

dear cousins, I think we're forgetting an important part of the party. The decorations !!
Every Christmas party deserves a tree :

lithuanian Christmas tree.jpg

some fancy ornaments :

purple gothic ball.jpg black skull.jpgblue gothic christmas ornament.jpgblack with pearls.jpg

and last but not least; some wreaths :


UNCLE artwork
  • mrua7


Just stopping by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas...God knows we need one, right?  I became involved with a Christmas play at my church and was recruited for the choir as a villager/angel.  Then I volunteered my services to paint scenery as they needed two brick walls.

I realized while I was painting the scenery on stage that the last time I did this was 47 years ago on this very same stage when I was doing it for our senior class play for my high school.

If anyone is interested, the play will be posted on either Facebook or You's being filmed tonight. Audience isn't allowed because of covid restrections. Let me know if you want to see our little production, and I can send you the link once it's available.

In the mean time enjoy the party and the holiday! Here's my contribution to the festivities