March 4th, 2021

Illya eating

Is that a Candy Bar in Your Pocket?

Candy bars, quick energy, easy to carry and probably the most haute cuisine you can get in some situations. I couldn’t see either just eating them for the sake of snacking, but candy bars are traditionally the food of choice in the fields. They’ve been in K rations for years, so I’m thinking both of them would have had exposure to them. So, if they have a choice, what candy bar do you think Napoleon or Illya would be likely to stick into their pocket for that fast energy boost (or to impress the ladies)?

Keeping with the times, a Zagnut would be a good choice, protein, but no chocolate. For that, I’m thinking a plain old fashion Hersey’s bar really can’t be beat. Or would Illya bring a love of Cadbury with him from England? Would they be likely to want something more complex like a Milky Way or Snickers or just plain chocolate?