May 10th, 2021

wrinkled cat


TO: All Sections, NYC Command

FROM: A_Waverly


Effective immediately, The Canteen is closed for radiological, biochemical & electrical decontamination.

1. Food trucks will be available in the garage 24/7 at no employee cost.
2. The cost of said trucks may be coming out of Agent Kuryakin's salary, if not his hide and possibly his soul.
3. If you dined in The Canteen during the past 12 hours, please contact Medical by phone immediately.

As a reminder, The Command has gone to great lengths to provide state-of-the art laboratory facilities for R & D.
And for the protection of all, laboratory coats should be removed before leaving one's designated lab.

The Canteen is not designated as a laboratory, Mr. Kuryakin, any more than The Map Room is designed as, I believe the modern term is, a passion pit, Mr. Solo.

Updates regarding the decontamination and reopening of The Canteen will be provided as they are received.

ALL questions may be forwarded to Agent his decontamination cell.

TO: All Sections, NYC Command
FROM: Your Friendly Canteen Staff

You are welcome to use the temporary dining area in the garage for both meals & conversation, again 24/7.