November 19th, 2021

bad feeling

And just to end the workweek on a high note!

I look back over my various fannish fictions and realize that there are very few stories in which one or the other or both agents don’t get bashed up(minor or major) in some way. Shot, stabbed, beaten, exposed to the elements, etc. we certainly take our pound of flesh from the boys. Even in the show, Illya seemed to be the writer’s choice to kick around. Are we too hard on them? Certainly ‘real’ people would have succumbed to our lasciviously slung bows and arrows, quite probably after our first strike.

Why do we get so much pleasure out of hurting Napoleon and (usually more than not) Illya? Is it a reflection upon our psyche that to have pleasure, we first must endure pain? And why do we always seem to wale upon poor Illya?

To me, I justify it by the fact that Illya is the perennial risk taker, while Napoleon is more of the strategist. Illya’s front line and hence gets taken down more. They certainly have a dangerous job and understand the consequence of that job and I think both are slightly masochistic. They don’t really want to hurt themselves, but it’s okay if they do.

So, what say you, cousins? The floor is open -