November 23rd, 2021

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Let's play today

How would you fill in the following?

You know you're an UNCLE fan when...?

If you want to go further -

You know you're an Illya fan because..."

Or -

You know you're a Napoleon fan because...

I'll take a stab at it - you know you're an UNCLE fan when nearly every moment of your waking time is spent obsessing about a current story in the works, there's constantly an MFU DVD loaded in the player and when you read the morning paper (yes, some of us still do get our news in print), you say to yourself, "That would make a great UNCLE story."

I know I'm an Illya fan because of the unusually high number of black turtlenecks I possess or when I read something, I say, "God, that's something Illya would say or do.

Now it's your turn, cousins!