November 25th, 2021

What's Underneath ...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving for this country's fans, here's a thought.

MFU actors are impeccably costumed. In every single scene, not a wrinkle, a smudge or a tear. Very different than for the Wild, Wild West where Conrad is always splitting his pants. 

Pop Art Affair
Pop Art Affair

In MFU’s case, meticulous appearance is for the sake of continuity, because scenes are shot out of order. Studios have overnight dry cleaning services making for a clean, well-pressed change  every day. I’ve read where a duplicate clothing could be on standby so as not to delay production if something couldn’t be fixed. I think that accounts for the routine of their clothing. When they did wear something new, it really stood out.

One of the fun questions, because after all, we are here to have fun! Is how were are they able to tuck their shirts so invisibly into their slacks, meaning smoothly.  Shirts needed to be tailored for extra length and snug around the torso, to keep them in place during action sequences.  You can see the difference when a stuntman’s clothing (Discotheque Affair) gets pulled out of place at his back, but the action is so brief it doesn’t matter.

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Napoleon - mine

Reasons to be thankful

At our gathering, we all take a turn saying what we are the most thankful for and it’s amazing how as you get older, friends and health come into play so much more than when you are younger.

However, that got me thinking about the guys. What would Napoleon and Illya be thankful for? Each other? The fact they are still alive and reasonable intact? Would Illya be thankful for his move to the West or does he just view it as a necessary evil in order to fulfill his commitment to UNCLE? Napoleon? That he avoided the latest round of paternity suits and social diseases (okay, you can reasonable assuming I’m joking here. He’s more careful than that.)

For me, I think they would just be thankful that they had arrived at a spot in their lives where they did have a strong connection with another human being, be it love, friendship, or a combination of the two. Sort of reminds me of a line from How the Grinch Stole Christmas - just as long as we have we.

What say you, cousins?