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FanFiction Profile Links - Update for those who may be interested

Hi Guys,

As is not uncommon with good old FF; I've heard nothing from them so far, however I have found buried in their tweets & replies confirmation that this is policy in response to their recent problems with (I'm assuming the Korean) spam.

Needless to say the following requests appear to have fallen on deaf ears. I'm not on twitter myself, but if you are and would like to complain, they do at least appear to be resonding in some form to that, if not to e-mails

Angel Austin @aaustin0328 Jun 19

  1. @FictionPress Complaint: My profile isn't showing the links I have on it but when I looked to see the problem, the links are still there!

    9:03 pm - 19 Jun 2015 · Details

    FictionPress@FictionPress Jun 20

    1. @aaustin0328 We have enabled white-listed linking protection due to influx of spam. Current white-list: google, facebook, twitter, flickr.

      12:13 am - 20 Jun 2015 · Details

      Angel Austin @aaustin0328 Jun 20

      1. @FictionPress So I can't show my links temporarily or for good?

        giulspie.@Klaroqueen Jun 20

        1. @FictionPress @aaustin0328 Could you please white-list Tumblr as well?

          Angel Austin @aaustin0328 Jun 20

          1. @FictionPress Well, will they ever show up again or not?

            TheBeardedOne@HonorableBaldy Jun 20

            1. @FictionPress Please consider re-enabling DeviantArt (image storage) and TVTropes (analysis) links. Thank you.

              Fanfic Allergy@FanficAllergy Jun 23

              1. @FictionPress Can you please add tumblr and Archive of our Own to the list? And Can announcement on the main site would he helpful.Thanks!

                    If I was being cynical (and I am) I would suspect that, now they have the excuse, we won't see them back.

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