pactnmmt (pactnmmt) wrote in mfu_canteen,

An experience I wouldn't want to repeat - nothing to do with UNCLE

Well, in 40 years of dog ownership since we got married we never had a skunk incident...until this morning. At 4:30 this morning our dogs (a chihuahua mix and a bouvier des flandre)asked to go out, that's not unusual. Since we have a fenced yard I just let them out the door, leave the screen door open, go back to bed and they come back in when they're ready (during the summer). It is a very small yard and within seconds of them going down the stairs of the deck they started barking ferociously. I figured a cat may have jumped the fence. Nope, a young skunk had found its way under the small space of the bottom of the gate and was scarfing down fallen bird seed below the feeder. A bath rinse of peroxide, dawn detergent and baking soda followed by a shampoo ensued and the dogs are relegated to the garage until I can take them to the vet to be checked out. Smokey (the bouvier) actually got his mouth on the skunk. Yikes! I can think of far better ways to be awakened in the morning!

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