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Maria Evans

Movie Review

Minor spoilers only, under the cut.

So. I don’t have anything bad to say about the film. The worst I can say is that they gave Illya physical strength and anger issues that I don’t think actually added anything to the plot, but I don’t think they actually harmed anything either. Totally believable if Illya was bigger and heavier that he was trained differently - which really just sucks for him. I want to give him a hug. It’s just very definitely AU Illya, which I was ready for in the first place.

What I was struck by was all the innuendo and quotes that were just DESIGNED to be taken out of context. Those were AMAZING. I mean when you have Napoleon teasing Illya that “What you get up to in an Italian bathroom with three young men is your business” that is NOT a quote that gets in there by ACCIDENT. And, omg, Illya and Napoleon get into an argument over fashion. I was rolling in my seat, ROLLING I say.

It was fun.

Napoleon did romance the femme fatale, who really was an excellent femme fatale, a real threat. I really liked Victoria Vinciguerra, really really. The Telegraph review claimed that the only real challenge to Illya and Napoleon was each other in the first scene, but that’s just bullshit. The enemy got both of them, twice, and Waverly pulled one over on them too (as is only right). The Innocent was pretty cool too, and though they did romantic subplot her with Illya, they got interrupted at key moments, every time. Which was cute.

Speaking of romance, there is an AMAZING scene in which Napoleon sits calmly by eating a stolen sandwich and sipping a Chianti Vecchio while Illya attempts to escape capture, but reluctantly saves Illya at significant risk to himself with fricking ROMANTIC MUSIC in the background. (Oh btw the way Illya saves Napoleon later, and how his captor is disposed of - that was a basically perfect scene.) And THEN there’s the matter of the WATCH. And the DISC.

I said it was fun, right? It was fun. I’m probably going to see it again.

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